Projects in Afghanistan

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Improving Livelihoods of Rural Communities

The livelihoods and resilience of the communities in the target districts are improved through economic development and sustainable water and land management benefitting both men and women while strengthening local actors.

Green Saighan

The project intends to make a significant contribution to improve the living conditions of men and women of poor rural households in Saighan district through increased food security, watershed management and increased agricultural production and income.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Tube well with hand pump for safe water
Contribute to improving the living conditions and health of Afghanistan's rural population in the target districts through the promotion of critical hygiene practices and the facilitation of sustainable access to drinking water and appropriate sanitation.

Recently Completed Projects



Regional Livelihood Project Hindukush

Canal RLP
Rural communities in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region have resilient and improved livelihood systems to cope with natural disaster or conflict related vulnerabilities through water and land management, local economic development and access to services.

Sustainable Land Management

Qulfi Watershed
The project intends to enhance the capacity of the Afghan professionals and share knowledge in sustainable land management, particularly in the connection with integrated water resource and watershed management.

Primary Education for All

School children
All school-age children in remote areas have equitable access to quality primary education, without discrimination, and acquire knowledge, life skills and attitudes that pave their way for a succesful life.