Sustainable Land Management Project (SLMP)

Afghanistan educational level has been adversely affected by its’ political conflicts. This is more so in the field of natural science. Watersheds in the Central Highlands provide critical water resources for millions of people in the region. Building the capacities of the professionals in the field of sustainable land and water management is the dire need of the country. Sustainable Land Management Project aims to enhance the knowledge and know-how of the professional to support the sustainable land and water management.


Land and water are the two major resources for more than two-third of the rural population and 80% of the labour force of the country is engaged in agriculture for their livelihood. Sustainable use of these resources is very important to sustain the livelihood of the rural population.
Knowledge and technical know-how of managing these resources on the sustained basis has been severally constrained in the lack of training institution in the field of sustainable land and water use. Enhancing capacity of the professional implementing sustainable land management became a dire need of the country especially focussing the central highland of Afghanistan.


The project intends to enhance the capacity of the Afghan professionals and share knowledge in sustainable land management, particularly in the connection with integrated water resource and watershed management. Main objectives are:
  • Practical short term training for field professionals: Enhanced knowledge and skill to apply and promote sustainable land and water management approaches and technologies for participatory integrated sustainable land management.
  • Practical exposure for Bamyan University Students: Enhanced practical knowledge on sustainable land management practices.
  • Documentation and Dissemination of Best Practices: Enhanced the sharing of the knowledge on locally relevant potential techniques and approaches in sustainable land and water management.


Adapt and develop training packages on the relevant topics on sustainable land management especially focussing on the land and water conservation techniques, watershed management, community based integrated planning, sustainable agriculture and livestock management and community based organizational development.
Organize short term training, workshop and exposure visits for the field professionals and managers implementing sustainable land and water management activities and the students from Bamyan University.
Identify and document locally relevant potential techniques, tools and approaches in sustainable land management and disseminate through network, publications, website, training and workshops.


SLMP is located at the Bamyan. The target beneficiaries are the field professionals and managers working in implementing sustainable land management activities in the field preferably but not limited to the Central Highland of Afghanistan and the students from the Bamyan University.


Training institutions and organizations (GOs/NGOs) implementing activities related with sustainable land management will be the collaborating partners in the implementation of the project.


Training on Community Based Watershed Planning
PROJECT START:  November 2010

CURRENT PHASE:  2010 - 2014

Swiss Agency for Development
and Cooperation (SDC)



Training on sustainable agriculture in Afghanistan.