What we do

HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation helps people affected by poverty and natural disasters in 12 districts and 5 provinces of Afghanistan covering about 260 community development councils (CDCs) and approx. 380’000 people belonging to different ethnic groups namely Alijam, Hazara, Hazara Ism, Karamali, Pashtun, Tatar, Tajik and Sayeed.

Our programmes contribute to improved rural livelihoods and resilience through the following aspects: 

  • Economic development as a key driver for food security and income generation. 

  • Sustainable management of productive natural resources (water, land and vegetation) as the pillar of the livelihoods of rural communities. 

  • Disaster risk mitigation for reducing people’s vulnerabilities vis-à-vis natural disasters, particularly drought and flash flood, and improve their resilience and response capacity to secure livelihoods. 

  • Social development for increasing communities’ level of education, health hygienic practices and their access to safe drinking water and sanitation. 

  • Strengthening of local actors for building good governance, effective service delivery and competences and technical capacities of farmers - men and women.

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